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      Why Choosing The Auto Darkening Welding Helmets
      Rizhao City Kaiyue Electronics Co., Ltd.   發布時間:2015-7-9

      Auto Darkening Welding Helmets are amazing masks that have a clear lens when the welding machine doesn't work but within 1/25,000 of a second will turn to dark in order to keep your eyes safe.

      The Auto Darkening Welding lens is a great convenience when you’re welding so you have no issues on welding while you would normally be pulling down your dark lens. The auto darkening lens will also protect you against UV and IR wavelengths. Many Auto Darkening welding helmets have high and low sensitivity adjustment as well as automatic power on and off.

      Seriously when the welding arc radiation by the light sensor sampling and trigger control circuit, control circuit output voltage to the liquid crystal light valve on the liquid crystal light valve under the effect of electric field, the from transparent to opaque state, uv transmittance is very low.And the part through the liquid crystal light valve infrared ray is absorbed by the filter.Once the arc extinguishing, the light sensor signal, no control circuit is no longer the working voltage, liquid crystal light valve back to transparent state

      The main technical requirements
      1. Size: The effective observation of size is not less than 90 mm x 40 mm.
      2. The original performance: light shading, ultraviolet/infrared transmittance, parallelism should comply with the provisions of the GB3690.1-83.

      3. Strengthen performance: the observation window at room temperature with 45 grams of steel ball falling from the height of 0.6 m free continuous impact three times should be without any damage.
      4. Response time should comply with the relevant provisions.
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