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      Welding Helmet Supplies
      Rizhao City Kaiyue Electronics Co., Ltd.   發布時間:2015-7-9

      We help you choose which welding helmet supplies like auto darkening lenses will be best for you.

      You may be tempted to just go with a fixed shade lens for your welding helmet but you should really check out the new auto darkening lenses that will allow you to weld reliably without spatter and sparks every time .

      The high quality auto darkening lenses have variable controls to let you adjust the light to dark shades. The great thing about the auto darkening lenses is that they protect your eyes and face from harmful light at all times. You’ll be able to pull off more continuous work and keep your workflow steady, fast and reliable with an auto darkening lens in your welding helmet.

      When choosing a welding helmet supply like lenses you’ll want to consider safety, comfort, convenience and style. You’ll be able to find lenses that can be adjusted from levels like 6 to 9 or even 9 to 13. Choose according to whats needed with your machinery and own personal preference. You can even find models that adjust delay and sensitivity for the change from shaded to clear. This delay can be set from .5 seconds up to 2 seconds.


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